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Mr. Freddy Liu,the International Sales Manager

Mobile Phone:0086-18773909795

Office Phone:0086-739-5050618


Address:No.587 Dongda Avenue,Shuangqing District,Shaoyang City 422001,Hunan Province,China


Profile of the international sales manager

Full Name:Freddy Liu   Gender:Male

Date of Birth:June 23,1977   Place of Birth:Shaoyang City,Hunan Province,China

Height:1.73m       Weight:73kg

Hobbies:western languages,sports,gardening,stamps collection,travelling,etc.

Mr. Sun,Australian employee and me at the research center.She is responsible for international sales in the markets of Australia,New Zealand and Africa.

in July 2013 in the greenhouse with the Israeli expert David Haramati

in May 2007 in Shaoyang with cousin-in-law Scottishman Scott Ferguson

in March 2005 at home with Australian friend Trevor Mitchell

in September 2004 in Hong Kong with church friend

in November 2001 in Shanghai

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